Case Study



The Goal:

Taint and obtaining keywords positions at the top of the Google Searched Pages. Driven by involvement, introduction and extraordinary ROI, SEO Marketing Media setup track record of execution. Separated from being proficient in all SEO and validity administration aspects, our professional team is forward-looking and imaginative, all of which are crucial components in any showcasing member within the worldwide look search engine optimization stage.


Slop position operation and lead stream by concentrating on short-tail keywords, focusing on watchword clusters; focusing on internal landing pages targeted to keywords, relevant substance; and by vast branding solutions to maintain positions pros by amplifying site, For certain cases, this may be a fair request for our SEO practices.

Core Keys:

    - Built result-driven landing pages.
    - In-depth keyword study was carried to understand how students are looking for information and how to provide them demand data against queries.
    - Adaptive existing articles to rate highly in the search results and to increase the number of backlinks.
    - Configured technical SEO.

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