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With the continuous development of the market today, graphic design has become more and more important in the economic field. Especially in USA relatively well-developed countries, design and business practices have become more mature and applied in many aspects, such as logo design. Packaging design, newspaper advertising design, etc. Although there are many types of graphic design, Besides hundred of other factors we must pay attention to the three factors of color, layout and time during the design process.


We cover almost all the brand need scoop as a designing firm having functionalities of corporate brand image design, coloring page album design Design, brand space (SI) design, brand album design, product packaging design, professional product shooting, brand website design, etc. Our main Scoop are listed as follows:

  • Logo design (logo design, trademark design, corporate logo)
  • CIS design, VI design (corporate image design identification system design)
  • Advertising design, advertising creative design
  • Sample design, brochure design, album design (brochure design
  • Floor book design, annual report design
  • Packaging design
  • Book illustration drawing, greeting card design, invitation design
  • Newspaper and magazine layout design
  • Various types of printed matter Design and more


Seo Marketing Media is a vast marketing based services provider company also delivering its service as design company specializing in corporate brand image planning, mainly engaged in brand design, brand planning, corporate brand image design, corporate product image album design, corporate image VI design, logo design, environment Planning, design and implementation of guidance system, corporate image album, brand image product album. SMM has served more than 20 top listed companies in USA and many well-known companies. Seo Marketing media image design company, adhering to the "brand image differentiation, personalization, uniqueness to explore the brand; committed to the high-end market, creating excellent brands for enterprises!" Through long-term research and actual battles on brand design, he has mastered a large number of brand positions and skills in marketing.

We have accumulated sufficient experience, focused, professional, and dedicated brand image visual communication, and the continuous expansion of customer groups. The company has an experienced, creative, confident, dedicated, united and cooperative service team, which has provided high-level and professional services for many well-known brands, and has established a good reputation in the design industry.

We stands at the high end of brand planning and uses correct and effective creative thinking to achieve self-marketing of enterprises and products. From the perspective of customers, we focus on guiding and developing human business innovation thinking ability, and make unremitting efforts and bold attempts. Many years later, you will realize that all great business ideas are so obvious. And we, Seo Marketing Media, are the parallel friends who help you make breakthrough progress in the business field.

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No matter what service you need, we will use the most professional service and the most reasonable planning process to give each customer the fastest design solution in the shortest time, from communication and design to landing, environmental protection Linked together.

Brand Design

  • Company and product name
  • corporate / brand identity (logo) design
  • business / brand VI design
  • product packaging design
  • branding terminal design
  • (pictures, posters, folding, etc)

Brand Promotion Design

  • Brand diagnosis, evaluation and positioning
  • Brand structure & selling point refining
  • Brand concept and slogan
  • Brand image shaping
  • Brand image visual system design
  • Product packaging and sales strategy
  • Product promotion album design
  • SI terminal image Store planning and design

Book Design

  • Annual sales promotional material design
  • Corporate image publicity album design
  • Comprehensive publicity album design
  • Product album design
  • Product catalog design
  • Copywriting creativity and refinement
  • High-end product photography

Event & Promotion Design

  • Join Conference of materials designed
  • Holiday promotional materials
  • Brand conference materials design
  • The event to create an atmosphere

Printing Making Business

  • Wayfinding sign making, installation
  • Exhibition, exhibition, exhibition poster design
  • Printed flat printing
  • Packaging printing and production
  • Office supplies design and production

Custom Design

  • Copy, Paste Designs
  • Any shape, color & printed design of your choice


Step 1: Understanding Apex Brand Design

After receiving customer business inquiries, through preliminary telephone, email, meeting and other communication methods, understand the specific needs of the project and find out the essential problems that need to be resolved.

Step 2: Define design requirements

Through the communication and understanding between the two parties, the Seo Marketing Media gives professional planning ideas and directions, as well as the positioning of the later design style, and the production of the effect sample display.

Step 3: Project Quotation

SMM Brand Design provides standard quotations for the confirmed items. After recognizing our quotations, the two parties determine the service items and sign the contract, and pay 50% of the contract amount as prepayment.

Step 4: Project launch

Our company set up a project team to clarify the division of labor of the team, understand the basic information of the customer, and discuss and confirm the overall planning and design ideas and stage division.

Step 5: Solution Design

The project team discussed and submitted the planning and design plan on time, the project manager reviewed the overall plan of the project team, the project team discussed and revised the plan, and the final plan was formally submitted.

Step 6: Scheme demonstration

Seo Marketing Media submits the design plan, communicates with the client's decision-makers, and the two parties communicate and adjust the design plan, and finally finalizes the design draft, and the client's proof is signed and confirmed.

Step 7: Solution implementation

SMM “Seo Marketing Media” Brand Planning organizes the post-workers to implement the plan (such as printing, production, and activities), and sends special personnel to supervise on-site to ensure that the work is successfully completed.

Step 8: Project End

The final design documents and printed materials of the project are given to the client, and the client confirms and pays the final payment. We will continue to keep in touch with customers and resolve related customer inquiries in a timely manner.


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